Sam’s Accountability Circle

As a member of the Pivot! Course, we want to help you get the most out of your potential and continue the momentum of the course. 

We know that we all want to get the most we possibly can out of life. We each want to become the person we were meant to be and make the impact and contribution we are supposed to make. And we want to leave a legacy that inspires other people to be their best self also. The Pivot! Course started you on that path and we created Sam’s Accountability Circle to keep you on the path to maximum accountability. 

For most of us, the problem isn’t that we do not try to be our best. The real problem is that we are unable to fully see and understand what our very best can be and think that we have to create our own solutions, that we cannot ask for help.

Actually, accountability is all about interdependence. We need other people to help us be our very best, and we need to help other people to be their very best. It is in helping others to fulfill their potential that we identify and achieve our potential.

There is always action that comes with belief. When you believe that accountability is not about holding someone accountable but rather about helping someone be accountable, not about limiting yourself or others but rather about creating committed relationships based on integrity, then you will start to see people differently. You will commit differently, and you will bring people into your life differently. Ultimately, you will build accountable relationships and open yourself to growth possibilities that before were unseen and unrealized.

The way to bring committed, accountable relationships into your life is through Sam’s Accountability Circle.

Here’s the details of what’s included:

I would love to have you join us!