Is your life headed in the direction you want?
Are you operating out of purpose?
Or is it time for a Pivot?

Perhaps you...



Stop fumbling your way through life, and instead live with purpose and meaning.

Hi! I’m Sam Silverstein, a successful international speaker and the author of ten books. I empower people to live accountable lives, transform the way they do business, and create a more accountable world. I dedicate my life to helping individuals, just like you, and businesses prioritize and inspire Accountability… The Highest Form of Leadership.™

I struggled for 25 years in business before I figured out what my purpose was. Once I hit that stride, everything changed. I now want to help you take the express route to mastering the strategies for defining your beliefs, your values, and your purpose.

With my personal coaching, you will create breakthroughs in four critical areas:

Achieving success even during difficult times, and despite obstacles and setbacks

Closer, healthier relationships

Crystal clarity on both the direction you want your life to take and how you’re going to get there

The internal compass you need to make sure you stay on the right track

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If you’re feeling frustrated because you aren’t seeing the results you want in one area of your life or another, then my new course is going to help you.

Likely, you’ve already heard that you need to live in alignment of your core values in order to live a happy life.

But here’s what you might not know: 
When you pivot the way you think, you will pivot the way you behave, which leads to achieving your desired results.

Action follows beliefs
It’s not about changing habits. It’s about shifting the way you think. The actions will follow. 

See, most of us never sit down and get in tune with ourselves; our core values, beliefs, and the life experiences that shaped them. And it is costing us. Sure, we have answers to what our core values are if asked but, we usually don’t consider them until that very moment. We wing it. That creates a directionless life of regret and unfulfillment. We all deserve better.

Many people do not really know what they believe at a very deep level.

As a result, they cannot express or engage with constructive beliefs in a way that helps them to reset and claim full control of their own lives.

One thing I know for sure is that you are less likely to make decisions that serve you when you are distracted by the loudest voice in the room, which results in poor decisions; especially in challenging situations.

I want more for you!

It’s Time To Take Control Of Your Life with PIVOT!

The proven program that guides you through the Three Big Questions™ that Will Transform Your Life and empowers you to master the ability to continually move forward.


Pivot! takes you on a journey from unfulfilled potential to living a confident life of meaningful purpose.

Unlock the insight behind the Three Big Questions™ to overcome any obstacle, connect to your personal mission, build your ideal team and community, take action on what matters most, and achieve crystal clarity on the direction of your life.

Here’s What’s Inside:

Eight Weeks

Six Powerful Modules

Each stage of the Pivot! journey includes actionable tasks to create unstoppable progress. There are six modules and two application weeks, during which I will personally help you implement all you’ve learned.

Module 1

I Am Grounded - Identifying Your Source

Answer the first of the 3 Big Questions, “What do I believe?” Knowing the true source of your beliefs is the bedrock of your Pivot! life.

Module 2

Non-Negotiable - Discover Your Beliefs and Values

Your beliefs are inward-facing. Your values are outward-facing. Step through the process of discovering your non-negotiable core values, so you can live them in your life and your organization.

Module 3

Purposeful - Identify Your Unique Purpose in Life

We each have a unique personal purpose. Discover yours so you can align all your activities in life with, and full, that purpose.

Module 4

Aligned - Create your mission

Your mission is your purpose in action. Discover how to turn your purpose into action and create a mission that simultaneously drives you forward and attracts others.

Module 5

Mindful - Control your focus

Tackle the second of the 3 Big Questions, “What do I focus on?” Learn where to put your focus and how to regain the right focus, even when you run into adversity. Eliminate fear while making decisions. Become a master of moving forward.

Module 6

Accountable - Build commitments

Answer the final Big Question, “What am I committed to?” Learn the difference between tactical and relational commitments. Discover how to build accountability through your commitments. Learn and live the Ten Commitments of Accountability™.

When you complete Pivot!, I will have coached you to a point of mastery in building accountability into your life, your career, and your relationships. And make no mistake, accountability isn’t a dirty word. Accountability is what empowers all great achievement!

Here’s what others are saying:

"Because of the PIVOT! course, Sam has become one of the deeply-rooted, principle-based people I allow to speak into my life. His coaching is pragmatic, patient, and powerful. He gave me deep clarity by getting me to ask myself what my values are, what I am living for, what I care about most, and what I believe in -- and then he gave me the tools I needed to find those answers for myself. If you don't have good answers to those questions yet, you definitely need this course. It's transformative."
Mohamad Merilan,
"My PIVOT! experience was invaluable. I have taken many courses and read many books and found PIVOT! to have the biggest impact on me, my life, and my future.
Diana Zisselman, M.A., LMFT
Founder Sapere Vedere, LLC
“This course clarified for me, in a way that nothing else had, what my purpose, values, and mission in life really are. It's shown me how to operate out of my purpose. People are always saying that we should be purposeful, that we should serve others, but how can we do that if we don't know what that purpose really is? Sam's powerful PIVOT! course helped me find my answer.”
Harjeet Rathour
NYS Real Estate Sales Person


Answering the 3 Big Questions and building an accountable life is a process that requires commitment and perseverance. I will be there to help and support you every step of the way.

Your life is worth it.

When you join Pivot!, not only will I be there to guide you, you will be surrounded by a supportive community working towards mastery of accountability. During your journey, you will be supported through

This is your life. For all eight weeks, I will be by your side to help you live it to the fullest! And I won’t ever give up on you!

-Sam Silverstein

The Pivot! Promise


All you need to do is contact us at within 14 days of your purchase. This gives you an opportunity to see what the program is all about, experience the community and group calls.

Join me for this round of Pivot!

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This program is based on my new book, Pivot! I am so excited to personally work with you and help you move through the program to see amazing results.

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frequently asked questions

The course runs for eight weeks. There are six modules, released weekly, with three implementation weeks that give you time to do the homework, ask questions, and work with your peers to make rapid forward progress. The amount of time required to complete the modules will vary, but I would encourage you to commit to a minimum of three hours each week to watch the videos, attend the weekly live session, and do the homework.

If you can get around the computer at all, you can do this! The course hub is easy to navigate and our team is here to walk you through any problems you may have.

You will have access to this version of the course (including archive recordings of the live coaching sessions) for as long as we are able. We’d say lifetime, but that’s a very long commitment, so let’s just say a very, very long time.

Sam Silverstein is an author and public speaker who has been on stages around the world. Global Gurus cited him as one of the world’s top thirty organizational professionals. Sam is known for his work on the topic of Accountability and is sought out by leaders internationally for his counsel on building better lives and better organizations. “most trusted voice on accountability”

You will have access to six modules of lessons that walk you through the process of identifying your source, defining your values, and determining and acting on your purpose. Sam Silverstein will host regular, virtual live sessions to answer your questions on the content, and to coach you through the obstacles you come up against as you implement the Pivot! principles. You will also be given access to a private Facebook group, weekly Q&As, and regular Zoom calls with Sam.

If you do the work, you will have clarity… meaning you will have an understanding and focus that very few people have, clarity that allows you to move quicker, have more meaningful relationships, and move forward more rapidly on your goals and objectives. And yes, that is life-changing.

This is your life.

If you are serious about living it to the fullest, and always moving forward with confidence, it would be my honor to act as your personal coach via Pivot!

Together, we will: